Dec 10

Mark Cuban Teaches Tai Lopez 19 Lessons of Success

Self-made billionaires are serious. Billionaire Mark Cuban

($3 billion internet worth, Shark

Tank, Dallas Mavericks owner) visited your Tai Lopez

home today for 4 hrs to play some basketball, talk

publications, as well as discuss some

future patterns to buy. I

counted the

number of genius things he

informed me. It was 19 various factors. He’s

a damn smart man – among the

most observant and also

aware people I’ve

talked with in a long period of time.


reaction when I asked him how it

felt to become a billionaire

fractured me up, haha. One powerful

point is that you just have to win

when. Then every

person will certainly forget your past

blunders. So true … Listen in as well

as you will certainly see why Mark’s a game-changer.

Shoot a content to me or Mark on his cost-free application, Cyber Dust (I’m under

@tailopez). For those of you in my sophisticated

business Accelerator application, I

tape-recorded some

personal stuff with Mark

just for you so go check it out.

Mark Cuban Teaches Tai Lopez 19 Lessons of Success

Tai Lopez is a capitalist, partner, or expert to over 20 multi-million dollar businesses. Via his preferred e-book club and also podcasts Tai shares guidance on how to achieve health and wellness, wealth, love, and also happiness with 1.4 million folks in 40 nations.