Oct 31

Your Business Will Succeed If You Do THIS Thing Differently – Tai’s Daily Vlog – October 18

Why are you so afraid? So timid? So fearful? You feel these emotions,

but do you ever ask yourself WHY you feel this way? Maybe it’s because

you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing. Luckily for you, in my

experience, most businesses don’t know what they’re doing either. Warren

Buffett once said he used to be scared of the real world when he was in

school, only to find out that nobody in the real world was really even

qualified in the first place. And that’s the sad truth about only Tai Lopez

business and it’s also the sad truth but about this world we live in.

People are either too lazy to become knowledgable or are just misguided.

But if you put in the effort that the other 99% of people don’t, then

you’ll stand out from the crowd.